Keeping Hythe Clean

One of the most popular activities of Transition Hythe has been to arrange clean-ups around the town and neighbouring areas. This has included the beach, woodland and roadsides and included our high profile Hythe Spring Clean in March 2012, with this now an annual event.

The sessions caused a lot of debate and it is clear the extent to which what seems to be an ever worsening litter problem is a source of frustration and anger for so many residents. Clearly, one issue is the source of the rubbish in the first place – too much packaging, use of plastic bags etc. There is also the unsociable behaviour which causes the rubbish to be deposited, including a minority of anglers on the beach and lorry drivers in our lay-bys.

We have taken up a number of issues and flagged particular areas of concern with the appropriate authorities – local councils, Kent County Council, and the Highways Agency. Below are details about local cleaning, with a link for reporting issues, which we recommend that people use as often as needed.

There is also an excellent website related to taking action on litter on motorways and other major roads and we are following their action plan to force action on the M20/A20, particularly from Junction 11 at Hythe through to Dover, an appalling section that is blighted by rubbish, including hundreds of bottles of urine, from lorry drivers. Visit

The following is from Shepway District Council’s website:

Street cleansing

Our partner, Kent County Council, will keep our streets clean and free from litter to the standards in the Environmental Protection Act 1990 Code of Practice: Refuse and Litter.

We will:

  • Sweep Folkestone Town Centre, seven days a week.
  • Sweep other town centres between five and seven days a week
  • Empty all town centre litter bins as required.
  • Sweep rural streets every 13 weeks.
  • Sweep urban streets fortnightly.
  • Issue penalty notices for littering.’
In other words, it doesn’t seem to cover any areas other than streets and we are seeking clarification regarding other areas.The form for reporting problems is here:

And here is a link to DEFRA’s Code of Practice on Rubbish and Refuse. Page 20 shows the time allowed for clearing up any problems in the area:

There is then the question of which parts of the town are cleaned by Hythe Town Council and which by Shepway. The former are responsible for these:

The Skatepark – interior hedge, land north of Skatepark – interior hedge, Oaklands, Horn Street Recreation Ground, Twiss Road allotments and adjoining football pitch, South Road Recreation Ground, Palmarsh Recreation Ground, Longbridge allotments, the Green and Eaton Lands.

All public walks borders and hedges throughout South Road are the responsibility of Shepway District Council, including Ladies’ Walk, Lucy’s Walk and the canal bank.

If anyone comes across other useful resources and links, please let us know.