The Transition Network initiative

From small beginnings, it is clear that the Transition movement hit a chord with many people. As a result, it not only spread rapidly across the UK, from its roots in Totnes in Devon, but has done so across the globe, so there are now Transition communities in Australia, the US, continental Europe and many places in between. Here in Hythe, we are one of a number of Kent-based groups and there is increasing coordination between these.

The Transition Network encompasses community-led responses 
to climate change and shrinking supplies of cheap energy, building resilience and happiness. Increasingly, it also looks to be a community response to social inequality.

To understand more, in a couple of minutes, this youtube clip is a good starting point: and so too a browse around the Transition Network website:

It is clear, as the movement has unfolded, that the Transition ethos is a broad one into which many initiatives can fit. Key themes to emerge include local resilience and sustainability in areas such as food and energy, reskilling (passing on skills within the community), and inner transition (transitioning the individual as well as the community). In Hythe, we have projects focused on all of these areas.

It has also become clear that Transition groups complement existing community groups and, on many occasions, can become the ‘glue’ to tie them together, acting as an umbrella (to mix metaphors!).

The Transition Companion book

The Transition Companion book

There is far more out there on the web than we can encompass here, particularly around the many inspiring projects from around the globe. We had a public showing of the film, Transition 2.0, and have a DVD of this if anyone would like to borrow it. We also have a copy of the latest book, the Transition Companion (left) again for anyone to borrow.

We are also always happy to provide a speaker for local events (we have done this for Hythe Rotary Club and Hythe Civic Society, for instance) or attend with a stall, to spread the word.

Basically, we’d love to have you involved! As all Transition groups have found, they are shaped and directed by the interests, skills and passions of those involved. These are the seeds for the individual projects. Everyone has something to contribute and if there is not a project in your area of interest, the Transition group provides the perfect opportunity to make it happen!