Next bug hotel on the way!

Bug Hotel

The bug hotel at Folkestone Academy Primary School

One of our deluxe residencies for bugs will be going into a third local primary school shortly. A session to build the foundations will take place at St Augustine’s in Hythe on Sunday 16th March, to be followed by ‘infilling’ by the school’s pupils the following week with material that they have collected.

The project follows an approach by the school and there are discussions about additional projects, including adding bug-friendly plants, a school vegetable patch, help with tree planting and reviving a pond.

We need old wooden pallets and any other suitable material for the foundations, as well as a few helpers on 16th (we’re meeting at the school at 10.30am).

Bug hotels are an excellent educational and fun thing to build and there are now a number around the area, in schools as well as elsewhere.