Tynwald community garden/allotment project

Transition Hythe is under way with its first community gardening and allotment project. This is at the Tynwald Residential Home for the elderly, which is run by a charitable trust. It is expected that a second community allotment, also in central Hythe, will be announced shortly. We would welcome involvement from anyone who is interested, on a regular or irregular basis as well as ideas for other sites.

Transition Hythe was approached by Tynwald’s volunteer trustee chairman, Councillor John Schoner, to see if we wanted to become involved. A site visit swiftly established that this was an ideal initial project to kick off our plans to unlock as much of the town as possible for community planting of trees, vegetables and wildflowers.

The residential home recently celebrated its 50th birthday, has 24 residents and has roots back to Hythe’s Old Peoples Welfare Committee and the Venetian Club that was sponsored by the Venetian Fete Society. Anyone who is a resident of Hythe or a dependent of residents is eligible to apply for a place. It has a lovely raised location, on Hillside Street, and a large garden around all four sides of the home. This has been maintained on a voluntary basis but, with the retirement of the last gardener, the trustees faced a problem. Knowing the goals and activities of Transition Hythe, and our search for sites, there was a ready-made solution!

General tidying of the garden will start immediately and a plan will be drawn up for planting, including the allotment, with this put to trustees for approval. We would like input and involvement from the residents, who we are looking forward to getting to know, so that it can become a joint project between them and the town, with the produce shared.

The planning and first works party meets on Monday 14th May, from 9.30am (come along for some or all of the morning) and we will then put a plan to the trustees at their meeting on Wednesday. For the first works party, please bring your own tools, after which we will be able to find out what tools are already on site.

Transition Hythe’s Adam Brint, says: ‘This is a really exciting project and we are looking forward to working with John, the other trustees and the residents. The beautiful garden has a lot of potential and I am sure that lots of people will enjoy getting involved and helping out on an extremely worthwhile initiative.’


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