We have a sub-group looking at renewables projects in the town and surrounding area. Here in Shepway, there are a lot of natural resources – wind, water – and a need for jobs. However, it seems the only way that any renewable energy schemes other than those of private residents will come about is via the community. As such, following the lead of other Transition Towns, we are looking into the feasibility of this, including a potential first project on the roof of the main stand of the local football club, Hythe Town, at Reachfields.

We have visited OVESCo (Ouse Valley Energy Service Company – see, which proved very useful. OVESCo grew out of Transition Lewes and talked to us about their activities as a cooperative, including their completed solar scheme on the town’s Harvey’s Brewery.

Southern Solar, who are OVESCo’s partners, have visited us in Hythe, have provided quotes, and are keen to be partners, not least because they are in the process of setting up a Kent office and would like to find a first high-profile flagship project.
This would clearly be a major undertaking, with the need to closely study the feasibility, understand the challenges and gauge the interest.
If you would like to become involved in the study or have other energy-related interests or ideas, we’d love to hear from you.