Local retailer scheme

Little Herb CaféThe transition scheme is always looking at ways to encourage the use of local shops. As with so many High Streets, Hythe is under pressure from online alternatives and mega-stores (the arrival of the huge Sainsbury’s was a blow).

A Transition Hythe sub-group was set up and  among the topics of debate have been a local currency for the area, an on-line directory and a replacement for the now defunct ORCA Local Card scheme.

As a first step, a questionnaire was circulated to all local retailers in Hythe High Street.

Subsequently, we added a retailer directory to our website and have also hosted several local retailers at our quarterly fairs (Crundens greengrocers and Jane’s Little Herb Café have been ever-presents at these). Those fairs complement the existing farmers’ market. We frequented the Little Herb Café for our Transition Hythe candle-lit dinner (vegetarian) to mark the World Wildlife Fund’s Earth Day and we had a stall at the Hythe High Street late night shopping event before Christmas 2012.

We will continue to proactively support the High Street and let us know of anything else we can do to this end.

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