Litter picks

Of all our activities, the litter picks are the ones that have mobilised the most people. A conservative estimate is 300 people having been involved in one or more of these.

Helen on the canal

The Spring Clean boat squad!

We have held them on a more or less monthly basis, often focusing on the beach, but also taking in other areas, including the truly awful mess by Junction 11 of the M20 (and had a subsequent victory, with the council agreeing to block off the slip road that was a source of much of the rubbish) and in woods in Seabrook, alongside our PCSO at that time, Debbie, that had been the location of anti-social behaviour over the summer.

We have had terrific support throughout from Giles and Nicola at Shepway District Council, who have provided bags, collections, litter-pickers, gloves and refreshments, as well as mucking in themselves.

In Spring 2012, we organised a bigger scale ‘Hythe Spring Clean’ which saw people scattering to all four corners of the town on a Saturday morning. This was repeated in 2013 and is in the diary again for 2014.

Watch out for details of our future picks, and come and join us. We can promise fresh air (the sun has usually shone on us!), a friendly welcome and a rewarding time.

Some of the volunteers for the Seabrook pick

Some of the Seabrook wood volunteers with PCSO, Debbie Bishop

Some of the volunteers

Outside the ‘Tin Church’, some of those involved in the 2012 Hythe Spring Clean



One of our successful beach cleans

















Derek on Fisherman's Beach

Derek on Fisherman’s Beach