Bug hotels

Using a collection of pallets and other material, there are now bug hotels in a number of sites in and around Hythe. The first two were at Folkestone Academy Primary School and St Leonard’s Church, Hythe, followed by Hythe Bay School. One is now at the planning stage for St Augustine’s Primary School in Hythe.

Bug Hotel

The bug hotel at Folkestone Academy Primary School

Bug hotels provide a place to hibernate for our threatened insect life and other creatures, including hedgehogs. Clearly, when constructed in schools, there is a useful educational aspect to them as well.

The scheme also complements some of our planting initiatives, as one way you can make the bug hotel a truly deluxe residence is to plant bug friendly plants in the vicinity.

We have other bug hotels at different stages of planning and construction, including one at our Tynwald community allotment and garden in Hythe and would always welcome new sites, help and materials.